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Untitled-1Cute and tiny means it can be done in few hours up to few days.
So, if you need a dirty job done in a fast and efficient way please
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Got umbrella?

Got umbrella is latest windows phone and windows store application that uses your location and latest weather to simply tell you if you need to bring your umbrella or not. You can use application itself but it is even better to use Live Tile that is updated periodically enough to give you the latest forecast. If there is chance of rain in near future application icon will be an open umbrella. If there is no chance of rain umbrella will be closed.
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staklenka_vectorizedSwearJar is one simple and cute application that is constantly monitoring your good manners, how often you do swear.
It’s purpose is to make you more aware how often you uses bad words in daily communication or in a work place.┬áIf you
like and feel proud about it you can share your achievements regarding your “good” manners.
To use SwearJar all you have to do is turn it on and application will do the rest.
Please don’t be harsh if it sometimes misunderstands what you said, in the end all of this is a sort of fun.
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